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Growing up in Chicago in an Italian family, Geno really had no choice but to cultivate a deep and abiding relationship with food. The kitchen was the center of his family’s universe, a place where every meal was an event and every recipe came with a story. Spending hours learning the ingredients, cooking techniques and Italian amore that went into every dish, Geno grew to appreciate that food is more than sustenance – it is life.

Today, he brings that same passion, art and respect for composition to his food photography. Whether he is shooting a simple cup of coffee or a multi-course bounty, Geno strives to balance the ingredients of light, tone and texture to create the perfect composition. As an accomplished fashion photographer, he also brings a level of artistic flair and modern style to his images that few other shooters can replicate.

Geno’s work has appeared in countless advertising and marketing campaigns as well as in American Way and other magazines. His food & beverage clients include BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressings, Dairy Queen, Chicken Express and many others.

He operates a fully equipped kitchen studio in Fort Worth and shoots on-location across North America.