About me

Geno Loro is a highly experienced and talented food photographer, who is passionate about helping you to showcase your products and take your business to the next level.

Effective and truly captivating food photography requires a keen eye and an in-depth understanding of how to make food look appealing when being used in commercial advertising, packaging, or editorial pieces. That is why rather than simply Googling for a “food photographer near me”, selecting a photographer dedicated to the food and beverage industry can set your company apart from your competitors.

Growing up in an Italian family in Chicago, Geno developed a passionate and engaging relationship with food, allowing him to bring that energy into his photography. The kitchen in his family home was the center of his universe, and those hours learning about ingredients, cooking techniques, and Italian flair as a child saw his appreciation for food continue to grow and develop.

Nowadays, Geno sees food photography as a true art form. No matter whether he is capturing that delicious cup of coffee for a local cafe, or showcasing an entire evening banquet for a Michelin Star restaurant, they bring the same dedication and artistic flair to every shoot.

When it comes to searching for a food photographer near me, you’ll want photos that make your customers’ mouth drool with anticipation. Geno Loro understands your requirements, which is why he will strive to create the ultimate images by generating the perfect balance of light, tone, and texture.

Currently based in Fort Worth, Texas, Geno Loro is able to travel across North America, or clients can benefit from his state-of-the-art and fully-equipped kitchen studio. With years of experience, Geno has successfully worked across a vast array of advertising and marketing campaigns for some of the biggest food and beverage brands in America, with his iconic images appearing in countless print and digital media.


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